Home renovation

My wife and I had always wanted to transform a mid 1900’s house into a more modern and functional residence for living and entertaining whilst being sure not to overcapitalise.

After securing the ‘Perfect Property’ we set to work. Our aim was to renovate every square inch of the property (as it needed it!), starting with the inside then working our way out to the facade, fences, landscaping and gardens. Although, our first priority before moving in was the complete renovation of the nearly dilapidated bedrooms.

Due to my wife and I both having full time jobs, all the work was done on weekends and after hours which saw the entire transformation completed in 18 months. Some of the challenges we faced along the way included:

  • Full bathroom renovation, as well as adding a double shower, glass bricks and the removal and relocation of the toilet into a separately built room.
  • Turning an oversized laundry into a smaller ‘Euro laundry’ while creating space to allow for the separate toilet.
  • Removing the old fake fireplace and constructing a large sandstone wall to accommodate a wall mounted TV with an integrated DVD/ game station base below.
  • Turning the three combined very small sunroom, kitchen and dining rooms into one large open plan area and installing a new kitchen.
  • Building a large brick, rendered front fence and retaining walls.
  • Constructing a new rear entertaining ‘Mod-Wood’ deck with pitched roof above.
  • Rendering the entire house.
  • Replacing the old tiled roof with new modern colorbond roofing.

We are very proud of the finished product, and how we managed to completely transform the home whilst still retaining some of the original and prominent features.